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1Up to 100%$100
2Up to 100%$250
3Account manager's decision$250
4Up to $2500$200

*Traders can lose the capital deposited

Popular Underlying Assets

Forex – Euro / Dollar

Will the market be above the target price at expiration or below?
Commodities – Crude Oil

Where will the prices of the crude oil go today? pick an option
Indices – Nasdaq 100

Will the Nasdaq 100 close Higher or Lower than the current price?
Euro/Dollar currency with binary trading Crude Oil trading with binary options Indices binary options trading - Nasdaq 100

*Traders can lose the capital deposited

TR Binary Options:
Forex – Euro / GBP

How will the the two strongest currency pairs will do today?
Commodities – Gold

What will the price of the eternal gold will be today?
Indices – Dow Jones

How will the Dow Jones behave today according to latest news?
Euro/GBP binary options trading Gold investment with digital options Trading binary options with Dow Jones

Forex – Euro / Aud

Is the Euro stronger than the Aud? Choose an option
Commodities – Gold / Euro

Gold vs Euro: which one of the strong assets will go up today?
Indices – FTSE 100

Check out the latest news from the FTSE 100 stock market
Euro/Aud pair in binary options Gold/Euro currency pair - binary options trading FTSE 100 binary options trading


What Are Binary Options?
A relatively young method of making trades has hit the Financial Market in recent years. It goes by several names which has drawn the fresh crowd of investors, as well as the experienced ones, to give it a try. Also called Digital Options, or Fixed Return Options, the terms of the trade cannot be changed and needs to be executed once it has been set.

The name it is best known for is Binary Options Trading. As the name suggests, an investor gets to make two decisions between two options that would bring immense profit to his portfolio. A far cry from the traditional Options, it appeals more to the newcomers because of the challenge it presents.
If in the former, also called Vanilla Options, traders are not compelled to buy or sell assets at any given time, with the latter an expiry time is involved. Imagine the adrenaline rush one feels when predicting only one of two outcomes: if the price of an underlying asset will increase or decrease after a predetermined time. Add to that is the appeal that one can invest for just a little amount to start a transaction.

There are four underlying assets that are exchanged in this type of exchange: Commodities, Currencies, Indices and Stocks. Commodities are always a constant due to gold, silver and crude oil. The most heavily marketed on a 24-hour basis is Currencies, which are usually exchanged in pairs. Indices are available to be bought and sold only at specific hours of the day, and Stocks are also commonly involved in a deal but differs between brokers.
There are just three simple steps to consider if you want this method to work for you.

Choose a Trade Expiration. Select the expiry time that a contract ends.

Choose CALL or PUT. Select the Call/Buy button if you predict that the price of an underlying asset will end above its current price. If otherwise, select the Put/Sell button if the price will end below the current price.

Collect Your Profits. IN THE MONEY means you make a profit at the end of marketing day, OUT OF THE MONEY means you still get back something in return even if the negotiation did not end the way you reckoned it will.

There are several simple strategies that determine the direction of your fiscal plan. Try not to complicate things and stick to the basics. Qualified brokers are present to guide you through the challenges that you might encounter. Asset management, monetary advice and major decisions related to your finances are just some of the services extended to you. No need to concern yourself with hidden risks, as you will be given the advice that you need to make informed decisions when it comes to a business exchange.