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Gold: the ultimate asset for trading
Since the ancient times, gold has been well-regarded as a representation of fortune and opulence. In fact various countries have also used gold as a currency. Today, gold is used in electronics, jewelry and trading.
Among the major producers of this precious metal are Canada, the US, South Africa, China, Australia, Russia and Indonesia.

Mining gold is a major industry and requires huge investments in order to extract this metal. South Africa used to be the major producer of gold but in recent years it has dramatically dropped due to local financial problems making it more difficult to produce this precious metal and this made China the biggest producer of gold.

The eternal high prices of gold
There are many elements that can affect the price of gold. This metal has been used in major electronics and there has been a major demand for it since these electronics are distributed commercially. It is actually used as a coating various electrical devices like computers and entertainment systems. The audio and video that you usually see in televisions and sound systems are actually made of this precious metal. Another factor why the price of gold continues to soar is because of the increasing demand for this commodity. Currently, the global production of gold is still not enough to cater to the demands of major industries and this is predicted to continue in the future.

The annual supply of gold to global markets is used in investments, jewelries and electronics. And with the rapid increase in production these major industries there is also an increasing deficit of gold. Currently, India is the biggest consumer of gold and its future demand for this major commodity is projected to increase because of the high importance of this precious material in their culture and tradition. And now that it has become more difficult to extract this metal from the earth, its price continues to soar.

Earning from the most valuable asset
Currently gold is traded as a commodity and to be able to trade this precious metal, you need to determine its major elements and have a good comprehension so you will be able to estimate how much you can earn. With its high electrical conductivity and great cultural importance, gold is guaranteed to be one of the most in demand commodities for years to come so you better be updated and informed with the factors that could affect its trading value.