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Trading with Nikkei 225 Index in Binary Options
Japan has been considered as a financial hub in the orient. It is a place where almost all industries converge. From fashion, to gustatory treats, from tourism, to investments, Japan is a happening place. And so it follows the trend that Japan has enjoyed lucrative returns in the Finance industry. The stock exchange of Japan is called the Nikkei 225 Index, also commonly referred to as the Japan Index. Traded as a derivative asset, it means that its payoff is set by prices or by the payoff of other underlying assets.

Japan is considered as an export-oriented country, with most of its products directed at the US market. This correlates Japan’s economic performance with that of the US. A study conducted shows that the Japan Index relies on the movements shown in the US Dow Jones. So, if you want to trade with the Nikkei 225, you may base your speculative guesses on how the Dow Jones Index is doing.
It would be helpful to consult news releases when contemplating a Binary Options Trade with the Nikkei 225 Index.

The following is a good start on reports regarding the US economy:
1)Consumer sentiment reports
2)Manufacturing data
3)Non-Farm Payrolls report
4)US GDP report
5)US retail sales

GDP reports are just as important as it reflects the health of the US fiscal structure. Regarded as a trade partner of Japan, financial growth in the US will also mean a financial gain in the Nikkei. There is a direct proportionality between the two indices. A good sale date from the GDP of both countries means a good fiscal year for the two as well.
The Nikkei 225 is a price-weighted index of companies that belong to the top 225 components involved in buying and selling. It encompasses vast industries that include multinational firms, such as, Mazda, All Nippon Airways and Toyota. An annual review shows a quoted average of Japanese equities, giving a standard picture of the overall Japanese corporate industry. Since its crude operation began in 1949, in every session the index is now updated every 15 seconds.

How to Trade the Nikkei 225
It is fairly easy to trade with the Nikkei 225 in Binary Options. Keeping up with activities in the US market a day before gives you a glimpse on what will happen with the Japanese economy a day after. The first hours that transpires in the Japanese business exchange is commonly a response to the state of the US trading performance the previous day.

Choose a reputable trading platform that can provide you the services that you need. After checking that it is a legitimate site, select Indices from the Underlying Assets tab and click on Nikkei 225 among the categories. As an investor, you are now ready to make an educated prediction. Will the price of the index likely rise (CALL option) or fall (PUT option). The next step would be to put an expiry time that corresponds to 15 to 30 minutes after the Nikkei 225 opens its business hours.
Developing an understanding of the Japan Index entails experience, as well as the background needed to place your trades confidently. Realize your financial objectives with an effective strategy that you can develop over time.