List of stock market indicesThe easy way to trade indices online
Index markets are one of the most ideal instruments that can be used by traders for trading binary options. It includes major stock exchanges and is among the best instruments for traders. Almost all platforms have most of the major indices in the market today like the NASDAQ, Dow Jones , Hang-Seng, FTSE, SP500 and Nikkei.

For you to be able to successfully trade and efficiently place your investments on these types of assets you need to have a good comprehension and grasp of different market conditions. A better understanding of various trade environments will give you more knowledge on how trades move and this will give you the ability to make better predictions on how trades are going to perform with the current situation of the market.

Trading Index Options actually offers a lot of opportunities for revenues especially when markets are at a volatile stage. If the market is unstable and unpredictable, it offers a great potential for making money when the prices are unstable. This usually happens whenever there is a sense of volatility in the in the market and it is the perfect time to take advantage of the situation for making profits.

Evaluating market movements
It is important to evaluate the market’s current conditions using essential pointers prior to using binary options to get better revenues. Since the financial markets can be irregular at this point and changes could happen anytime, it is important to assess certain situations by keeping a certain trend for an extended timeframe or stay within a particular range so you can make better decisions on your next move. Any particular financial instrument is moved by market conditions via supply and demand. A surplus in supplies translates to a decrease in the market while increasing demands will force the prices to go up.

Anxiety towards the market greatly causes financial instruments to fluctuate. If you want to study these fluctuations, the easiest way to do this is to use the VIX or Volatility Index which is used to measure of the implied volatility of S&P 500 index. An increase in the VIX shows that investors are paying more with the purpose of gaining safeguarding their assets which is a clear sign that there is a possibility of a volatile market.

Range bound markets
On the other hand if the values of supply and demand are relatively the same, markets are classified as range bound and causes merging of assets. In order to determine if a market is range bound, market experts use a procedural analysis gauge called Bollinger Bands which evaluates obtainable price data based on moving averages with a 20-day period to generate two standard ranges of deviation. And whenever Bollinger Bands tighten, the arrays of fundamental prices get smaller as well. In range bound markets, investors can use options to take greater advantage of market movements’ range qualities. Traders may place options below or above Bollinger Band levels assuming that markets will remain within the current range.