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Major Markets Latest Movements
Post added on 9/23/2013

The US non-manufacturing Index from the Institute of Supply Management was released yesterday and reporteda progressive growth of the U.S. service industries. A reading of 52.2 for the month of June was increased to a 56 rating for this month, surpassing the 53.1 expected reading. A reading below 50 indicates an economy in contraction, while an above 50 reading indicates an economy in expansion. These positive reports only heightened speculations that the US Federal reserve will soon be reducing its $85 billion a month economic stimulus program. One of the policy makers, Fed Member Richard Fisher, warned investors not to rely on... (read more)

Price Of Gold Changes According To Economy Movements
Post added on 9/23/2013

A weakening US dollar has the tendency to make gold prices soar. However, Gold Futures for the month of December are not painting a glittery picture: prices sharply dropped as investors around the globe are dumping gold in light of an improving US economy. Notwithstanding the positive signs of economic growth, it also starts to dampen the future of gold as a safe haven investment. Gold prices are headed for the downtrend once again, expected to be well below the 1300 price level. The Asian session saw a 0.80% drop to 1291.75 per ounce. Early on, the value of the yellow... (read more)

Platform Developers Adapt To Market Regulations
Post added on 9/2/2013 - binary options trading

Despite its rising popularity, only a portion of the binary options market is subjected to the oversight of regulatory bodies. Some trading platforms are listed on registered exchanges; however, some still need to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.  The number of Internet-based platforms has surged in recent years and the increasing volume in binary options trades necessitates a growing need for system providers to be under regulation. SpotOption Officially Regulated by CySEC The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) has been vigilant in calling out to binary brokers to regulate the binary options industry.Of the many system providers providing binary trading platform services,... (read more)

Regulating Banking Institutions.The Dodd Frank Reform
Post added on 9/1/2013 - binary options trading

The year 2012 saw the Federal Reserve subjecting the banking industry under strict scrutiny under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. And as the fifth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy looms on the horizon, no other than US President Barack Obama conveyed a “sense of urgency” to complete the implementation of the new Wall Street rules. Selected top U.S. financial regulators are set to meet on Monday, to discuss financial regulation of investment banks on Wall Street. This move hopes to prevent a re-occurrence of the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, as what happened with the Lehman Brothers. The distrust placed... (read more)

Binary Options Mobile Trading
Post added on 8/27/2013 - binary options mobile trading

The rising popularity of binary options has led to an increased demand for improving services rendered by binary brokers. Nowadays, it is not just important to attract as many traders to open up an account on their website but, it has become a race to retain their loyalty. The competition has become fiercer, which has led brokerage firms to offer functional amenitiesfor traders on the go. As brokerage firms are battling it out in the information highway, the advent of tablets and smartphones helped paved the way for other channels to make it possible for traders to invest in the market... (read more)

All The Reasons To Trade Gold With Options
Post added on 8/11/2013

With the recent scandal that wreaked havoc to the reputation of gold warehouses owned by Wall Street banks, one question remains foremost on the mind of an average trader: just how do these stocks of gold reach the warehouses and gets exchanged? How the COMEX work is very simple. Although still referred to in its original name, it was bought by the CME Group- the largest gold futures exchange in the world. Many commodities, one of which is gold, are traded in this exchange. From Physical Gold to Warehouses Gold makes its way to the warehouse via a lengthy process. It starts... (read more)

Bernanke Speech | Updates & Effects
Post added on 8/11/2013

The markets had mixed feelings as traders waited for the latest policy statement of the Federal Reserve. Investors were anticipating the central bank’s move to have interest rates unchanged and clarify its plans on how to reduce the Quantitative Easing (QE) program set to help the US economy recover in the first place. The markets went crazy when initial news on tapering the stimulus plan was announced in June and July. The resulting volatile markets had traders anticipating for every meeting that monetary policy makers have, with hopes of settling the confusing statements released by the Feds. Investors can now breathe easily. Federal... (read more)

New York Times Story Effect on Metal Trading
Post added on 7/28/2013 - metal trading, new york times

A preliminary probe was launched by the U.S. Department of Justice into the metals industry warehousing operation after a scandalous story broke out from the New York Times. The complaints: storage firms owned by Wall Street banks and major traders allegedly have inflated prices. It has definitely shaken up the commodities market and added to the volatility in prices of the traded metals. Meanwhile on Thursday, as US housing data has beaten expectations, gold prices were seen tumbling down and closed the trading day at $1,320 per ounce. Between minuscule gains and losses, its value was seen to remain flat at week’s... (read more)

Forex Trading News & Updates
Post added on 7/28/2013 - forex market, binary trading

World trade came plunging in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis but, rebounded quickly in 2010. Since that period, growth is pegged at a very slow rate reflecting the weak state of the global economy. A monthly report from the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, also known as the CPB, indicates that the global economy is far from the strong recovery that we have envisioned. Industrial production figures remain unchanged; and for the month of May this year the volume of world trade fell by 0.3%, a stark contrast to the gains of 1.3% in April. The declining trade volumes were... (read more)

Trading Binary Options With Bitcoin
Post added on 7/22/2013 - bitcoin, binary options bitcoin trading

Investors and traders in the financial world have been expressing a growing interest in bitcoin trading. It is becoming to be the preferred medium of exchange and is starting to be widely-used in the mainstream markets. What makes it attractive to most traders is that it does not necessitate the presence of central authorities, which is akin to replacing the government as issuers of money. The use of bitcoins is slowly evolving and this has not escaped the attention of regulators. There are several issues that have been raised, primarily to prevent undermining the power of the government in many of the... (read more)

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