Nothing beats the special features you receive from Anyoption. Its Profit Line gives you a glimpse of market price fluctuations in real time. This is beneficial in planning out your next moves in the trading hours. It also allows you to keep track of the progress of your investments and make accurate financial decisions in the long run. Anyoption also provide an immense list of commodities that you can trade on, increasing your probability of satisfying your hunger for more profits and monetary gain. A multi-lingual customer support extends to users the world over, empowering clientele to be more competitive in the global market. Never needing to download special software to start trading, all that is required is your perceptual ability to anticipate the value of underlying assets in the world of finances.

Our Staff’s Review

Anyoption started its operations in 2009 and since then it has become a well-respected broker as it continues to deliver comprehensive solutions in the world of binary trading. From the time that this platform went online, their service hasn’t changed that much as they try to be simple and straightforward for their users making binary trading easier and less complicated to those who want to try it. And after finishing our review we understood why.

Lower minimum deposit 
Even newbies won’t have any problems understanding the system because it features clear instructions on starting their career in trading. Professional traders on the other hand are rewarded with a considerable number of assets to choose from and the good thing about it is that the numbers go up. And compared to other brokers, Anyoption has a lower minimum deposit requirement at only $100. This very reasonable amount can already be used for trading on various assets that are listed on the platform. With our examination we were able to choose to trade on either Forex, stock, commodity or index options.

Money-back guarantee
When it comes to the revenues, you can get around 65 to 71 percent subjective to what you are trading and if your predictions are wrong, there’s no need to worry on losing all of your investments because Anyoption has a money-back guarantee where you can reclaim 15 percent of your first deposit. If you’re very particular on the expiry times, Anyoption allows you to set it either in an hour, a day, a week or a month. And if you decide to change the expiry time, you can use the Roll-forward option to push it to the closest available period. For trades that have hourly expiry times, you can use the Profit Line to for viewing the updated chart that shows your profit to track the success of your investments. The platform’s show-off wall is also a great feature so you can see those who are gaining in real time.

Web based trading platform
What we also enjoyed with Anyoption during our evaluation is that it is a web-based platform. It gives its users the liberty to trade anywhere as long as internet access is available. So if you feel like trading in an instant and you’re not home then you can simply log in to your account and start predicting numbers. If you’re the busy type and want to be updated on the outcome of your trade, you can set your account to send you an SMS so you’ll know the results right after the expiry period.

Easy & fun trading experience
Anyoption’s interface is also multilingual as it supports a number of languages like English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Turkish. This goes the same for its customer support staff so you can talk to someone who speaks your language if you wish to. If you’re in a hurry or would like to be contacted at a specific time then you can simply leave your details and a customer support staff will call you back as you wish. You can also call them any time and any day. Their lines are open 24/7 so it doesn’t really matter what time it is because there will always be someone to answer your call.