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One Touch Option

Traderush one touch trading One Touch options are interesting types of options that are becoming more popular with traders especially in markets for foreign currencies and commodities. What’s unique about this option is that it is very ideal for traders who have the ability to make a good prediction if an underlying asset’s price will definitely surpass a certain level in the future. However it is also good to use this option if you are not certain that it will be able to withstand a higher price level.

Investing In Binary Options With a New Type Of Trading

This new type of investing structure offers the most satisfying trades that will require you to have advanced skills in predicting price movements and the risk factor is a notch higher than other methods of binary options trading. However your choices are essentially simplified and rewards definitely bigger compared to the usual methods. With One Touch options you can choose the price barrier, the expiration period and even the payout that you can get if the barrier is breached. There are only two possible outcomes and it’s either the price of an asset has breached the barrier or the other way around. If your prediction is correct then you will get the fixed agreed payout somewhere around 250 to 400% after the contract has expired. Otherwise you lose your investment to the broker.

How Does It Work?

To give you a better picture of how One Touch option works, we will set an example. Let’s say the Dollar-Yen currency pair closes at 82.3596 at the end of the week and you will be provided with an option to either Call wherein the Dollar-Yen pair will rise and reach 85.2410 or Put where the pair will fall to 80.6013 at the closing of the next week. As the trader, you simply need to decide whether the price will breach the price barrier or not. Once you have selected your option, you’ll have to wait for the next trading week to end and determine if the pair’s performance whether it has made a price breach or not. If you’re guess is correct then you will get the pre-determined payout as stated by the broker. The price breach only needs to happen once and the price of the underlying asset doesn’t need to stay above the barrier in order for you to get your payout. As long as it has touched the specified level, you will get your fixed payout.

Trade For High Payouts

One Touch options are only available for purchase during weekends or when markets are closed and offer excellent payouts. The options that you purchased will be traded on the following week from Monday to Friday and the guaranteed payout will be transferred to your account after the option's expiration date provided that you have chosen the right option.

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